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Boston university antirist center book

The antiracist institute at Boston University passes audit with flying colors.

Best-selling author of How to Be an Anti-racist is under scrutiny at his BU Center for Antiracism Research he leads.

The exact spot where America was born is here.

It blew my mind when I learned about the years when the Pilgrims landed where Plymouth Ma is today, and the year when the furst do umented Africans how soon

Talking about Black-owned hotels in Boston MA.

Thousands of motorist ride by the Hampton Inn Suites and don't even know it.s a Black-owned hotel. The complex is located on...
Phyllis Wheatley bronze photo

Phillis Wheatley writings on display

The Phyllis Wheatley collection of work has been acquired by the new Smithsonian National Museum of African American History

Incredible stories book releases, author talks

Developing Boston:Berenice Abbott and Irene Shwachman Photograph a Changing CityPhotographing at different times in Boston's history, Abbott and Shwachman's series each explore...

Showstopper at the ICA: Simone Leigh art

Art so big, solid and black by Simone Leigh.

Where are the Black People in Boston?

This Post titled "Where are the Black People in Boston," is about the middle class neighborhoods, the social groups, where Black folks live, that terrifle Federal Reserve Report about the Net Worth of Blacks and more.
view the scenery from Boston Rooftop bars

How to sip at the Best Rooftop Bars in Boston

This is a 2023 list of the best rooftop bars in Greater Boston.
BIG HEAD statue NCAAAvideo

NCAAA Museum of the National Center for Afro-American Artists – Boston

NCAAA museum is the National Center for Afro-American Artists

Transportation Services

Boston charter bus service for groups of all sizes