We create Black New England Heritage day trip packages. View a list of 100 walking and riding tours to Black Boston and trips to African American art events, historical sites, landmarks and institutions. You can select sites that interest you.

Cranking up the culture on Martha’s Vineyard. The African American festivals, and more.

2019 African American Cultural Festival cranks up Martha's Vineyard, then August comes with Black film, comedy and more.

2,500 museums you can tour online

A cool way to visit museum galleries, collections and exhibits from your computer and digital device screens.

Virus causes Boston Museums to close and the Boston Marathon will be put off until later.

Virus precautions shut down these Boston museum March 12, 2020, temporarily.

Diversity warms the soul at the Newport Jazz Festival

music replacing the air at the Newport Jazz Festival puts you in a mindfulness mood.

island tours

Day trip sight seeing trips throughout New England with African American heritage tour and black history options.

Where to Go Now

Check the menu for Black Heritage Tour selections .See this list of popular outdoor events happening all over New England.

There are a lot more African American Heritage sites in Boston + NE than anyone could have ever imagined! OMGesus.

The full moon shines bright like a diamond on African American history stories on our planet.

Black Heritage tour list

African American Heritage tours and Black Boston tours are a part of the Black New England Tour series.

Where do blacks go out when they come to Boston for a visit?

some mentions about where the Blacks are going in Boston soon

Boston's Harriet Tubman House property was sold!

Harriet Tubman House of the United South End Settlements has supporters on both sides of a gentrification issue than can tear down the house.



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