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Hotel Room Rates 2020 in and around the Black Heritage Trail on Beacon Hill

Boston area hotel room rates now showing on the screen

From Visit Boston: The Roxbury heritage neighborhood overview video.

The Roxbury Boston Neighborhoods Video by VISIT BOSTON.

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Where to get the grants December 14th, the Boston Foundation announced the availability of OPEN DOOR GRANTS. Open...

Historic African American heritage locations who got grant money for fortifying the premises.

Black Heritage sites around the US who got big rounds of funding.

Where to Go Now

Check the menu for Black Heritage Tour selections .See this list of popular outdoor events happening all over New England.

Plymouth and Plimoth Plantation Celebrate 400 years with event happenings

Plimoth Plantation is an excellent stop for tourist and you will see the official Plymouth Rock when you go to the Harbor

Salem’s Witchy Women

Puritans established Salem Massachusetts in 1626, 12 years before the first document Africans arrived in Massachusetts.

Portland Maine preserves the African-built Abyssinian church on the Black Heritage Trail, Portland.

A Black Heritage Trail in Portland Maine sits an old 17th century church built by Early Africans.

Back Bay to Nubian Square: a walking tour to the center of Black Boston

Put your feet into the street from Copley Square and the Back Bay to Nubian Square.

Black Heritage Trail Tours running now

Black New Hampshire Black Heritage tour list



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