Black Policy Conference Harvard Kennedy School

Black Policy Conference 2018 

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Previews of upcoming panels:

Are The Robots Racist? Movement for Algorithmic Justice and Fairness

We want numbers, technology, and algorithms to be non-biased. But are they? This panel discusses whether using algorithms and technology helps us move away from bias or codifies our racism into numbers or creates new kinds of bias. Learn from people trying to change the discourse around algorithms away from predictability and towards justice.

The Myth of Multiculturalism: Policy Issues Affecting Black Canadians

One of the myths of multiculturalism is that it eliminates all forms of racial oppression. This panel seeks to debunk that belief in Canada – one of the most multicultural countries in the world – by exploring major policy issues affecting Black Canadians in health care, LGBTQ rights, criminal justice and education. What can the US learn from its neighbors and what insights can Canada glean from the American experience? This panel will provide participants with the unique opportunity to step outside of the American context and think globally about the issues facing Black communities at home and abroad.

The Situation Room: Black Americans in Defense and Diplomacy

The national security workforce is responsible for protecting us at home and representing American interest aboard. Our defense and diplomacy professionals must reflect the diversity and talent of America. In recent years, we have seen high profile black Americans serving as Secretary of State, Attorney General, and National Security Advisors. These prominent public roles overshadow a dearth of junior and mid-career professionals of color in defense, diplomacy, intelligence, and national security law enforcement. Panelists will share stories of their journey to senior roles in Washington, D.C. and foreign nations. Attendees will learn about the robust career and educational opportunities in natio

The Black Policy Conference at Harvard Kennedy School of Government is a tradition. An annual event produced by students, it features the best and brightest political speakers in Pan-Africa and America.