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Kelly has worked in the travel industry for over 25 years. She has been an Alaska and Caribbean Cruise Coordinator and Travel Counselor for living abroad and extended stays vacations in countries such as Spain, Portugal,Turkey and Norway. Her expertise has been in understanding what a customer wants, and going the distance to ensure they get it along with having a memorable satisfying experience.

Kelly received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech-Communications & Theatre, from Boston College. She has been a writer, actor and mindful positive thinker. Her philosophy has been “We Attract Who We Are, So Go Forth With Your Best And Kindest Intentions In All You Do“.

William (BostonMurrell) Murrell, III

This writer BostonMurrell, is the producer of Getaways, the web site tour and transportation business. He has received certification as a CIG or certified interpretive guide from training with National Association of Interpretation. I want to thank the many Park Service rangers who assisted me in learning about tour story telling. When I asked them “how did you get your training,” they told me about the NAI. The NAI national conference is in Palm, Springs CA this year. We’ll be there! Getaways offers brand new tour options that have never been offered in New England before. The tour destinations will be added to this website as individual POSTS and connected to a product item that can be ordered. It is Oct 4, 2021, as I write this from returning from a medical vacation when I had to put the tour guiding on hold for many months. But I am restored, feeling better and more excited than ever to bring the ABBG New England Black Heritage tour Series to the market.

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BostonMurrell guides ABBG tours and publishes In the 1990’s he was the executive producer of the online community GO Afro, a project from American Vision magazine of Afro-American culture and the arts, and he developed a multi-media touch-screen public kiosk that was set up in public places to display the book “350 years of Black Boston History ” by Robert Hayden, a project engineered by Kenny Granderson of Innercity Software. BostonMurrell owns the registered trademarks [ “Black Boston Massachusetts, established 1638” for tee-shirts and mugs. He owns the name and website “Roxbury Trolley” for use in a future plan for unique touring experiences.

BostonMurrell created the “Back Bay to Black Boston Sprinter Tour.” You’ll see amazing building murals, statues, and learn the history of the South End, Lower Roxbury and the creation of Nubian Square in Roxbury. Roxbury has a reputation of being scary to white people and to out of towners who heard negative stuff about it. Some stories never die. Roxbury is the heart of African American culture in Boston and it is on a fantastic path to Black Wealth empowerment and economic improvisation.

BostonMurrell extends this service to knowledgeable BIPOC tour guides in the city. I admire your work. Referral and collaboration is a good thing. We will tell our readers about the Black tour guides in the city that know their stuff.

The reason I came to Boston changed year after year, since I have been here. Everyday I still feel like a tourist. My biography about my North Carolina to Boston relocation is covered in the historical engineering non-fiction book titled Black Software: From the Internet and Racial Justice, to the Afronet and Black Lives Matter released November 2019 by Oxford University Press. You’ll find it in a public library and in bookstores nation wide. Check the African American studies section for the book.

Park Rangers and Portsmouth tour guides

The Black Heritage Trail Tour covers 14 locations featuring 17th century Black Boston history and the legacies of the Early Africans who lived here as early as 1638. The National Park Service Rangers conducts (free) tours of the walking route.

An hour away is the town of Portsmouth New Hampshire, famous for the Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire, Inc. and Black Seacoast New Hampshire (BHTNH). Lead by trained and experienced docents, historians and history buffs, BHTNH tours were selected by New England Travel magazine in 2019 as having the best walking tour in New England.

Gray Line Boston

The Gray Line Boston tours are the only ones we have where self-booking of single seats on a 55 pax luxury motor coach cruiser can be completed by you now. Review the Gray Line Boston Tour catalog for the Best of Boston Colonial History and New England sightseeing tours.

Gray Line Boston tours are narrated and guided by experienced Boston history and culture guides. Explore The Battle Trail Tour and learn about the making of America. See the Pilgrims at Plimoth Plantation, go to Salem the Witch City, visit Fabolous Newport, pizza up in North End, ride the Cape Cod Explorer route, hop on the Beantown Trolley and book any other GrayLine tour seat here.