Royall House and Slave Quarters Tour

Located just minutes away from Tufts University, the plantation was once one of the largest privately owned land masses in Greater Boston, spanning 500 acres. Owner and Harvard Law School benefactor Isaac Royall, Sr., was a local dignitary with immense political power, similar to town mayors and state governors. Originally from Massachusetts, Royall relocated to Antigua, where he acquired wealth from his vast sugar cane plantations. However, after tumultuous slave rebellions, Royall fled Antigua, returning to Massachusetts with his wife, children, and 27 slaves.

Experience a one-of-a-kind guided tour of the only remaining slave plantation in Northern America, featuring unique plantation grounds and slave quarters. This educational and informative tour offers a glimpse into the opulent Mansion House and the more modest Slave Quarters, providing a comprehensive perspective on this complex and fascinating history. 

Explore the captivating and unique history of Black slavery in America by touring the Royall House and Slave Quarters. This tour offers a comprehensive perspective on the opulent Mansion House and modest Slave Quarters.

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