Where do blacks go out when they come to Boston for a visit?


Massachusetts receives about 20 million visitors a year according to the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism and Boston gets about 50 % of all visitors.

An overwhelming majority of visitors when surveyed, say they come here to visit family. And the average stay is 2.4 days. They are more likely to drive up from a North Atlantic state than ride into town on a plane.

Blacks have numerous choices for leisure and entertainment and other enricking acitivites while in town. Universities are gold mines for exploration. The average Bostonian would never consider an outing to Boston University or Harvard research labs to explore topics they don’t come in contact with very often – but a ┬átourist will go. There are museums and attractions everyone goes to. There is a Black History Trail that coincides with the Freedom Trail, both operated by the National Parks Service.

There is a lot to offer, so much — all black things to do

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