Old North Church (c) BostonTeaPartyShip.com)

Boston slavery and the Old North Church

How the oldest church in Boston, "Old North Church," built 1723, became involved in the slave trade.

Showstopper at the ICA: Simone Leigh art

Art so big, solid and black by Simone Leigh.

Cranking up the culture on Martha’s Vineyard. The African American festivals, and more.

The Run and Shoot African American Film Festival, parties on the Black Beach, Black Comedy Shows, families, couples, day trippers, Blacks from HBCUs, SOROS and Professional organizations become part of the overall Martha's Vineyard experience during summer months. RESERVE your car with the FERRY as soon as you can, to avoid the sellout.
hotels photos

Rather than commute to work, stay in the city at hotels like these.

Commuters can get price breaks at some hotel chain like these.

From Visit Boston: The Roxbury heritage neighborhood overview video.

The Roxbury Boston Neighborhoods Video by VISIT BOSTON.
Fightg for Respect movie is released

A film about the African American soldier you don’t want to miss.

"Fighting for Respect," is the title of a film by Blue Lion Films released Oct 2021. As I watched the reel, I couldn't help thinking about the stories my father told...
Gurad tree on Beacon Hill

A Free Black Heritage Tour of Boston guided by National Park Service Rangers

A refreshed memorial sculpture with African American military soldiers stand at the starting line of the 14 site free Boston Black Heritage Trail tour.
Roxbury Film Festival Logo

Visitors coming to Boston have an African American film festival waiting for ...

Film Screenings and movies on the festival circuit made by people of Color.
Gatwick airport Paris

France opens to tourists on June 9th 2021

Gatwick airport trains carry you straight into Paris on the cheap.
Lady on an invitation card

Massachusetts gov to lift all Covid-19 businesses restrictions on May 29, 2021

Covid-19 Travel policy for Massachusetts, Canada, London, Jamaica and other.