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African American

African American tourist destinations and black-owned hospitality related business establishments.

Portsmouth NH logo

Black Heritage Trail NH moves to new Portsmouth location

The Black Heritage Trail of NH (BHTNH) has moved to a new location at 280 Marcy Street in the old South Meeting House in Portsmouth’s historic South End, effective April 1, 2018. offers group...
Shadow Fall North film

Shadows Fall North film showing sponsored by the Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire.

Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire is showing the documentary film "Shadows Fall North" on Tuesday, April 3t, 6 p.m. at the Kittery Community Center Star Theater, 120 Rogers Rd in Kittery ME. The film...

Blacks at Harvard events

Blacks at Harvard Business School The AASU is celebrating their 50th anniversary year April 20-21, 2018 . Five black students in the class of 1969 formed the African American Student Union (AASU) at Harvard Business School...
Black Policy Conference Harvard Kennedy School

The Black Policy Conference at Harvard Kennedy School is an event.

Black Policy Conference 2018  #BPC2018 #beyondtheblueprint  hash Previews of upcoming panels: Are The Robots Racist? Movement for Algorithmic Justice and Fairness We want numbers, technology, and algorithms to be non-biased. But are they? This panel discusses whether using algorithms...
Martin Luther King Collage

Generous donor donates millions to create a Boston Martin Luther Memorial in the city.

Entrepreneur Paul English pledged millions of dollars to fund the City of Boston endorsed construction of a new Martin Luther King, Jr., Coretta Scott King permanent installation to memorialize Dr. King. A budget of $5...

Blacks in Boston: A Fifty Year Retrospective video

Video Link Hubie Jones covers 50 years of contemporary Boston history in this video. The work is hosted by the Massachusetts Historical Society.

First Boston slave trade remarks made by a governor in 1638.

First Boston slave trade remarks made by a governor. this is the paper with a journal entry from the year 1638 made by Massachusetts Governor John Winthrop about the slave trade.

NCAAA Museum of the National Center for Afro-American Artists – Boston

The Museum of the National Center of Afro American Artists (NCAAA) presents a wide range of historical and contemporary exhibitions in many media, including painting, sculpture, graphics, photography and more. It leads the $500M...

The Birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States

The shallow mention on the City of Greenboro North Carolina's web site of the actions black students from AT&T University endured when they sat down for a bite to eat at the Woolworth's department...