Juneteenth Celebrations in Boston and New England

Juneteenth 2019 Boston things to do
Massachusetts Historical Society Painting

African American Museums

Black museums are at the bottom of the things-to-do list for Black tourists, wrote Slate to their readers. Beach, wind and sand, the martini jazz club, eating, shopping and #buyblack are winning!...
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Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire bus trips from Boston

Destination New Hampshire Black Heritage TrailBoston bus trips. Group Tours to Black New Hampshire  Book a trip New Hampshire Black Heritage Trail opens their new...

View from the road: our Black Paris tour memoir.

How African Americans and Blacks influenced Paris as seen through the art of renaissance masters.

Explore Black New England African American Heritage on sightseeing trips with the best tour...

Welcome to Spring 2019!! The best Boston and Black New England Heritage tours and sightseeing trips are here.
Roxbury mural paintings

There are a lot more African American Heritage sites in Boston + NE than...

The full moon shines bright like a diamond on African American history stories on our planet.
Cotton Mather

The North was built on Slavery: explainer

Boston's first Governor wrote a memo about why Massachusetts (required) Africans for help with wars and construction.

Hear the originator forecast a day Black History Month will no longer be needed...

Here;s where you will discover the day Black History Month is no longer needed in America.
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