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Boston African American Heritage and History events.

These event are being hosted by Boston Black museums and others who offer African American History and Heritage subject material.
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Massachusetts gov to lift all Covid-19 businesses restrictions on May 29, 2021

Covid-19 Travel policy for Massachusetts, Canada, London, Jamaica and other.

Walking the Boston Underground Railroad is like this.

When the word went out on Beacon Hill "SLAVE CATCHERS FROM THE SOUTH ARE DOWN ON CHARLES STREET," abolitionists knew what to do. About 600 families lived on Beacon Hill at the time and...
Boston university antirist center book

The antiracist institute at Boston University passes audit with flying colors.

Best-selling author of How to Be an Anti-racist is under scrutiny at his BU Center for Antiracism Research he leads.

Talking about Black-owned hotels in Boston MA.

Thousands of motorist ride by the Hampton Inn Suites and don't even know it.s a Black-owned hotel. The complex is located on Massachusetts Avenue across from the Boston Medical Center campus. And...
Martha's Vineyard film fests

Martha’s Vineyard guided tours.

Martha's Vineyard whole island riding tour offer $50pp click to view the complete itinerary You'll pass by bikers and motorscooters and people from...

Where are the Black People in Boston?

This Post titled "Where are the Black People in Boston," is about the middle class neighborhoods, the social groups, where Black folks live, that terrifle Federal Reserve Report about the Net Worth of Blacks and more.

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AboutBlackBoston.org is a provider of the New England African American heritage Tour Series
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Black Heritage tour list

African American Heritage tours and Black Boston tours are a part of the Black New England Tour series.
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Rather than commute to work, stay in the city at hotels like these.

Commuters can get price breaks at some hotel chain like these.