BIG HEAD statue NCAAAvideo

NCAAA Museum of the National Center for Afro-American Artists – Boston

NCAAA museum is the National Center for Afro-American Artists
Plymouth Rock standing on it

Plymouth and Plimoth Plantation Celebrate 400 years with event happenings

Plimoth Plantation is an excellent stop for tourist and you will see the official Plymouth Rock when you go to the Harbor
Portland Maine Visitors

Portland Maine preserves the African-built Abyssinian church on the Black Heritage Trail, Portland.

A Black Heritage Trail in Portland Maine sits an old 17th century church built by Early Africans.

Tourism trolley bus rides

Late July welcomes new start of the Boston tourism season.

What tourists can do in Boston, the quarantine requirements are out.

Being third on the list of the Top 10 US coronavirus hotspots of 2020 won't help Boston's tourism businesses at one bit.
Roxbury mural paintings

There are a lot more African American Heritage sites in Boston + NE than...

The full moon shines bright like a diamond on African American history stories on our planet.

Newport Rhode Island Winter Wonderland sketches

How Newport does Christmas as a resort destination for tourists.

First African Landing Boston Events

First African Landing events recap
Martha's Vineyard film fests

Martha’s Vineyard guided tours.

Martha's Vineyard whole island riding tour offer $50pp click to view the complete itinerary You'll pass by bikers and motorscooters and people from...

View from the road: our Black Paris tour memoir.

How African Americans and Blacks influenced Paris as seen through the art of renaissance masters.