The African American Cultural Festival on Martha’s Vineyard precedes the week long Run and Shoot African American Film Festival and the Black Comedy show series opening on the island in August 2019.

The Boston Onyxbirds Meetup Travel Group will be there in August.

Are you an Onyxbird? “What’s that?”, you ask. Its the BOBTG term for people of African heritage (i.e., African, African-American, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latinx, Afro-European) who love to spread their wings and travel to unusual, unexpected and interesting places. The Onyxbird also thrives on cultural exploration and tends to be socially conscious. Unfortunately, Onyxbirds tend to fly solo or as a pair. Very rarely are “flocks” of Onyxbirds spotted in China or Argentina or Finland or New Zealand.
OynxBirds Meet-up group Website

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INTRODUCING our “MV Experience Partner”
“Field, Farm Sea,” on Martha’s Vineyard

The destination can serve as a company retreat or an interesting unusual way to entertain with clients or friends.

Some of the Experience Packages are

  • The Martha’s Vineyard Oyster Fest is a one-day event celebrating all things Oysters – showcasing 25+Vineyard farmers and cultivators from across Massachusetts. 
  • Get Wild with an Island Forage
  • Super Food Dive with Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Out to Sea with The Black Dog
  • The Best Cocktail Party (customized for you)

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