Martha’s Vineyard 2021 is a wrap!

Things to Do

The Run and Shoot African American Film Festival on Martha’s Vineyard wrapped August 2021. Every year, a week’s worth of African American film and film stars are on display. This past year, tickets were $100 per day. Get to it in 2022 at Martha’s Vineyard Performing Arts Center, 100 Edgartown Vineyard Haven Road Oak Bluff, MA 02557.

Of course there is more going on than just the film festival. You can read the Vineyard Gazette newspaper online for events. You should pop into the Black Martha’s Vineyard Facebook Group titlde “INKWELL” to read what the long time locals and repeat vacationers are saying about lodging, food, town issues and what Black people are doing on the island.

In addition to year-round events suchs as art festivals, book festivals, fishing competition, book releases and more, there may be another round of JAZZ at the Vineyard Festival,. Roots Reggae concerts, Martha’s Vineyard Concert Series, 2nd Annual Martha’s Vineyard Jazz Excursion & Golf Weekend in Oak Bluffs, the Nantucket Comedy Festival, the Black Comedy Festival and more..

You can pop this link to see Vineyard events happening now and later.

We can all admire The Cottagers who are a group of Black women who have held on to homeownership through the years despite the luring call of big bucks to sell out. Their Cottagers Corner was the 18th site added to the Martha’s Vineyard African American Heritage Trail. The Cottagers is a historic non-profit organization of African-American women homeowners on Martha’s Vineyard whose mission

Boston Onyxbirds do the vineyard

Are you an Onyxbird? “What’s that,” you ask. Its the BOBTG term for people of African heritage (i.e., African, African-American, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latinx, Afro-European) who love to spread their wings and travel to unusual, unexpected and interesting places. The Onyxbird also thrives on cultural exploration and tends to be socially conscious. Unfortunately, Onyxbirds tend to fly solo or as a pair. Very rarely are “flocks” of Onyxbirds spotted in China or Argentina or Finland or New Zealand.
OynxBirds Meet-up group Website

Book a ride.

INTRODUCING our “MV Experience Partner”
“Field, Farm Sea,” on Martha’s Vineyard

Field. Farm. Sea. was chosen by the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism as a featured vineyard destination for tourists. We went down to check it out. Multiple sites they have. Barns, ocean fronts, flower universes and lots of back country crafts to learn from the island masters. There is a lot going on at FFS we can tell you about.

  • co-host of the Martha’s Vineyard Oyster Fest
  • 25+Vineyard farmers and MA cultivators
  • wild island forage
  • super food shiitake mushrooms
  • Out to Sea with The Black Dog
  • cocktail party events (customized)