You may find more single bed queen and king sized rental rooms vacant than the two bed room configurations. available than their were two bed configurations. Monday night hotel room rates can be cheaper than the rest of the week.   Watch hotel room prices drop by 50% from late November though mid-January because the convention center hotels won’t be renting as many rooms.  Watch airline prices follow suit. For example a Boston to London package is $350 in October/November. It cost $600-$900 during summer months. 

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The cheapest professional lodging is bunk-bed in a hostel co-ed room. If you got to book $70-$80 rate on a 4 star Business Executive style hotel room like the one this writer took on Chestnut Street in Downtown Philadelphia Center City at a place named Club Quarters, then more than likely you’re going to take it over an AirBnB or similar arrangement. Look for deals like that.

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