The Hampton Inn is part of a national chain and is a Black-owned hotel in the South End. It was built by a team of Black developers and construction companies.

More Black-owned hotels in Massachusetts on the list.

Hotel for Single Travelers
random: The Godfrey Hotel at $221 for 2 nights, with king bed and amenities, located in the Theatre District and the Downtown Crossing shopping district near the waterfront.

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Boston Room Rates

The pricer hotels are convention and conference destinations. They are at the top end of the price spectrum. They are located in the Back Bay, Chinatown / theatre district, the Seaport, and the Boston Harbor Waterfront area. Brand names are the Sheraton, The Marriot, The Westin, Hilton Hotels, Charles House Hotel, Copley Hotel, and other hotel brands.

The HI International Hostel located in Chinatown across from the Amtrk terminal, the bus terminal and, the expressway has cheap room rates. Used by international student travelers, this hostel is a professional guest house with private rooms, showers, free Wifi, breakfast and dorm-like bunk beds.

Seaport luxury apartment tower unit owners do AirBnB rentals.

A lot of Black Bostonians rent AirBnb.

There are private rooms going for below $60 on