There is a Black-owned hotel in Boston in the South End on Massachusetts Avenue. Room rates there are an estimated $230/night. There are several Black-owned hotels in Massachusetts that are owned by the former President of BET TV Networks. He has hospitality holdings around the world. See the page on this site that features Black-owned hotels and bed and breakfast lodgers in Massachusetts.

Developers are constructing buildings in the Melenea Cass Boulevard area of the South End where the National Museum Center of Afro-American Artists is a co-developer of some parcels.

Hotels in urban cities like Boston and New York are likely to have more of the single bed queen and king-size bedrooms available than there will be two single bed configurations. Hotel prices drop during winter months in the North. Some of the hotel deals listed here are Book now, Pay Later.

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The cheapest professional lodging is bunk-bed in a hostel co-ed room. If you got to book $70-$80 rate on a 4 star Business Executive style hotel room like the one this writer took on Chestnut Street in Downtown Philadelphia Center City at a place named Club Quarters, then more than likely you’re going to take it over an AirBnB or similar arrangement. Look for deals like that.

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