The best time to buy travel for something you want to do in the next six months is right now! Right after Christmas. More people have money than usual. And bookings at hotels are awfully low, so go ahead, start booking hotels for Spring and Summer.

Hotels. The AirBnbs. Hostel rooms for rent are all hotels, lets make no mistake about it. A hotel is an establishment providing accommodations, meals, and other services for travelers and tourists,

Motels, bed and breakfast inns, campgrounds, vacation rentals, resorts, rental rooms by the week, apartment rentals by the month, group accomodations — they’re all hotels.

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The cheapest professional lodging is bunk-bed in a hostel co-ed room. If you got to book $70-$80 rate on a 4 star Business Executive style hotel room like the one this writer took on Chestnut Street in Downtown Philadelphia Center City at a place named Club Quarters, then more than likely you’re going to take it over an AirBnB or similar arrangement. Look for deals like that.

I know, everyone has a preference to their liking. Donald, a good friend of ours took two week to go to China and Japan. Rather than bunk in hotels, he took to AirBnB ( although in China you gotta be careful about registering yourself and you should ) because he wanted to live in the grass roots. He wanted to walk past regular neighborhoods, check out the people and find his way in and out of the big city, he he chose to go there at all.

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