Martha’s Vineyard NANCY’s Restaurant discloses plans to serve diners under Covid-19.


There is a whole mess of uncertainty on the island today. The impact of the coronavirus and Massachusetts government imposed stay-at-home policy has depressed the money making machine of Martha’s Vineyard restaurants.

A downturn in the island revenue generation has been broad. Sightseeing tour operators aren’t sure what to do. Trip Advisor layed of 900 workers recently. Will a tour operator feel comfortable carrying a bus full of people from who knows where around the island. Nope, not yet. With no vaccine to take for coronavirus protection only the strong-willed are gonna want to drive or ride.

One Restaurant’s Story.

Martha’s Vineyard sightseeing tours will likely limit how many people can board the bus if they run at all. There is a break-even equation to consider. Smaller crowds will make it hard to make the profits they need.

Islanders are talking about these things in the Facebook Group named The Inkwell, where Black Martha’s Vineyard natives hangout. What’s life on the island going to be like without the revenue from hoards of tourists is anyone’s guess. Its May 8, 2020. and tourists have been scrapping vacations plans. Covid-19 changed everything!

Now the Vineyard Gazette newspaper is reporting there are 24 confirmed cases of coronavirus infected individuals on the island today. Natives are suspecting everyone. Fishing company sales are off. Fish shacks have shut down. Restaurants all over New England aren’t buying the catch because many have been closed.

For people who complain about traffic congestion and bawdy crowds, this year is the best time for them to go because people will not be traveling anywhere anytime soon. There is always somebody that will hit the road, regardless of the coronavirus. Airlines began seeing an uptick in business this week.

The summer is coming and there will be action. But only time will tell if the huge crowds travel to the island this year.. The Run n Shoot Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival is still on as far as we can tell. Their regular Instagram posts have been upbeat and consistent as usual.

Steamship Authority ferry boats need money to survive low ticket sales. The operators are seeing $3 Billion to keep the fleet afloat.

Islanders don’t want people bringing the coronavirus there.

Can’t blame them for that.