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Fightg for Respect movie is released

A film about the African American soldier you don’t want to miss.

"Fighting for Respect," is the title of a film by Blue Lion Films released Oct 2021. As I watched the reel,...
Rear of the restored 54th Regiment

Boston Marathon guests can head over to nps.gov/boaf for a free Black Heritage Trail...

The start line is directly across the street from the golden domed Massachusetts Capitol Building where state representatives and legislators make the...
Sailing to Freedom Book

Sailing to Freedom: The Maritime Underground Railroad Virtual Program

Background: In December of 1849, 15-year-old Elizabeth Blakeley successfully escaped enslavement in Wilmington, North Carolina by hiding on a ship bound for...
Oaks Bluff ferry station

Where to Go Now

Check the menu for Black Heritage Tour selections .See this list of popular outdoor events happening all over New England.
Gurad tree on Beacon Hill

A Free Black Heritage Tour of Boston guided by National Park Service Rangers

A refreshed memorial sculpture with African American military soldiers stand at the starting line of the 14 site free Boston Black Heritage Trail tour.

Hotel Room Rates near Boston’s Black Heritage Trail and Museum

Boston area hotel room rates now showing on the screen
Public trails in Massachusetts

Massachusetts trails for biking and walking.

These Trails offer great biking or walking escapes. The Commonwealth takes care of its trails. Open thr article for a list of Massachusetts Public Trails.
Roxbury Film Festival Logo

Visitors coming to Boston have an African American film festival waiting for ...

Film Screenings and movies on the festival circuit made by people of Color.
Hotel Theresa photo by The original uploader was Uucp at English Wikipedia - Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons., CC BY-SA 2.5

Black-owned hotels in Massachusetts and around the country.

Black owned hotel information to find them in Boston Massachustts and the US
Gatwick airport Paris

France opens to tourists on June 9th 2021

Gatwick airport trains carry you straight into Paris on the cheap.