Roxbury Trolley for Groups

Dedicated to Roxbury / Black Boston tour itineraries

ROXBURY TROLLEY takes its name from a trackless trolley system.  The first trolley cars used in Boston were powered by electricity. Today’s version runs on gas or some other environmentally friendly fuel. To trolley is to roll, be it in a nostalgic classic looking vessel like the one in this moving image or something else designed to move people comfortably. 

About the Tour
“Roxbury Trolley” is a people carrier that works well in tight turns and urban streets. Designed to connect the passenger close to the scenery, you’ll see, hear and smell what’s going on during the drive. We use trolley cars or vans and mini-coach bus. 

This mobile sightseeing experience covers Roxbury sites, shops and restaurants, neighborhood trends and more.  You’ll travel this multilingual, multicultural neighborhood as old as the city itself.  History should be no mystery because it is everybody’s story. And myths about a place are meant to be overstood. 

Roxbury Trolley rides are a guided,  learning experience.   The Roxbury Cultural District is a walking territory and we will take you there. There is no other tour like Roxbury Trolley tour for Groups.   If individuals want a booking let us know. Touch base with about scheduling something soon.