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The 1638 button marks the year when the first Africans came into the Early Boston Colony, brought over from Africa (Angola) and the West Indies aboard a merchant vessel named “Desire.” Black Boston community has been growing since then. Learn more by reading the full description about this product.

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The 1638 button marks a year the first documented Africans arrived in Boston, and we want you to have one for FREE. The 5-piece button pack normally retails for $9.99. ADD TO CART to receive your free Black Boston souvenir Black Boston Established 1638 button, courtesy of AboutBlackBoston Getaways and BlackBoston.com.

The Backstory from the journal of John Winthrop 1630 to 1694, the first Governor of Massachusetts.
“In 1637 approximately 250 captives of the Pequot War — primarily women and children, as the men had largely been killed — were remitted to the Massachusetts and Connecticut authorities “to be disposed aboute in the townes” as household servants. Massachusetts colonial governor John Winthrop noted, however, that 17 captured Indian “male children” were part of that year’s first trade shipment to the West Indies; the ship Desire returned in February 1638 with the colony’s first shipment of enslaved Africans. Built in a Marblehead, Massachusetts, shipyard, the Desire was the first American-built slave ship. The Desire’s arrival in Boston Harbor in 1638, with a cargo of Africans who had been exchanged in the West Indies for indigenous Pequot prisoners of war, was a historic moment that presaged Boston’s age of slavery and New England’s complicity in the transatlantic trade in humans.”



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