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NAACP Niagara Movement 100th Centennial keepsake (free download)


This is the official NAACP Niagara Movement free program book keepsake from the 100th Centennial celebration at Faneuil Hall Boston held October 16th, 2007 as the NAACP organization became 100 Years old. The photo on this item shows Niagara Movement co-founders meeting at Niagara Falls, New York. W.E.B Dubois is in the photograph. This is Rare Memorabilia, the only one of its kind.   Add to Cart and check out.  WATCH FOR A RECEIPT TO APPEAR ON THE SCREEN. CLICK THE BLACK SQUARE ON THE RECEIPT TO GET YOUR KEEPSAKE.


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The Niagara Movement led directly to the founding in 1909 of the NAACP. Boston has a rich tradition in the struggle for civil and human rights. The 1907 Boston Meeting of the Niagara Movement was the largest of the five meetings held and is significant because it was the first meeting in which women were elected as voting delegates.

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More than 800 men and women came to Boston in August 1907 to attend the three-day meeting at Faneuil Hall. (See your receipt for a link to the Free digital download.) Photo on this web page item cover is of the Niagara Movement co-founders at Niagara Falls.