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African Studies professors, the City of Boston, allies of the First Church of Roxbury in Elliot Square and the Historic Boston non-profit organization, have brought new material to light about the history of Black people in Boston.

Boston’s oldest African-American owned newspaper has published some articles that will impress every history teacher of K-12 Grades, because there’s is a lot of Black history that never made it into the text books the Boston Public Schools buy for the kids.

Our Protest to Freedom Black Heritage Tour can take you into Jamaica Plain (JP) if you want to check it out, Jamaica Plain is a favorite part of Boston. It conains a long stretch of the Emerald Necklace and holds Jamaica Pond and parts of Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum. Long ago slaves lived in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood. JP used to be half Hispanic and the other half Black and White, before gentrification set in and prices for apartment rents and house went through the roof.

The recently published Boston Banner article titled “Research Identifies more than two dozen Enslaved during the 1700s in Jamaica Plain, mentions how volunteer researchers found 27 people were enslaved as farmers or domestics. They found out about them by looking at probate and marriage records, old newspapers containing runaway slave ads and other documents,. The First Baptist Church of Jamaica Plain on Centre Street. Boston’s John Hancock owned slaves. He also signed the Declaration of Independence and was the first governor of colonial Massachusetts, according to the article.

There are a lot of different Boston tours because are a lot of people coming into the city between March and September. MOTT, the agency responsible for tourism reports there were 26.2 million visitors in fiscal year 2020.

Because of its sizable destination economy, super-rich private equity firms have put up millions to buy double-decker tour buses that do not venture into Black Boston communities. None of White-owne2d tour companies cross Huntington Avenue, where Lower Roxbury begins and the Black Community goes out from there miles and miles until Mattapan and the Milton border. The first Black governor of Massachusetts, the honorable Deval Patrick, had a residence in the Town of Milton.

Good thing Black-owned Boston tour companies are expanding. To date, we know of several Black-History tour operators in Boston. There are many more African Studies professors in colleges and universities who train, educate and advance the work. Check out the woman behind Black Gems Unearthed and you’ll see what I mean.

Considering the significant amount of attention paid to the 0 town’s illustrated 1776 colonial history where the points are interests include museums, churches, gravesites, buildings, monuments, ships, attractions, enactments, artistic performances and more, for so long, the story about Black people’s Boston was left out of the Colonial history brochures — but things are changing.

Cosider doing a BLACK HERITAGE TOUR activity when relatives come to visit you. You won’t know what you are missing until you go out on a Black tour of Boston.

Will we ever see crowds like this at 2021 outdoor gatherings?

In 2021, Getaways is elevating Boston Black Heritage. The tours provoke the stories and interrogate the physical material left behind by the Early Africans for all to see. Covering the 17th Century thru the 21st Century, this multi-site work is ambitious.

Our first tour program release is designed to attract the well-heeled Back Bay hotel guest and resident from Boylston Street area of the Back Bay into the heart of Black Boston. The tour is named the “Back Bay to Black Boston Sprinter Tour,” a mixed walking and riding experience that originates where the A. Phillip Randolph monument is in Back Back Station and ends in Roxbury’s Nubian Square.

With the addition of the new series of BLACK TOURS we are bringing to market, Boston can proudly boasts of having the largest variety of American heritage stories to offer tourists, cultural lovers and families. We are adding a lot of new Black tours that have never been run before. This tour program development work is underway.

Some destinations are: the MLK sites, Malcolm X childhood home, Dorcas de Blackamore homestead ( she was with the first documented Africans to arrive in Boston in 1638), Dorchester North Burying Ground, Copp’s Hill Burying Ground, Old Indian Meeting House, Zipporah Potter Atkins Site, George Middleton / Louis Glapion House, BlockPomp’s Wall / Brooks Estate, Royall House and Slave Quarters, the African Orthodox Church, and others.


Martha’s Vineyard Black Weekend carries the pulse of the Black elites who descend on the island when its hot outside to celebrate and support causes with Black college roommates, casual and corporate friends, relatives, and the family. Black people have lived on Martha’s Vineyard for hundreds of years. The island has long been considered the resort of the Black rich. Blacks have become native Islanders over the years.

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There is a Black Heritage Trail on Martha’s Vineyard. The island is host to the infamous Run and Shoot African American film Festival which runs a week, when the Black comedy show series on stages in town. And African American owned art gallery is a must stop in Oak Bluff where it is one of many galleries and hangouts for artist and creatives. Glance at the Martha’s Vineyard Gazette newspaper for event listings and visit the Black Culture Guide to the Best of Martha’s Vineyard website for things to do, places to go and read Blog posts about what people are saying.

The Cousins African American art gallery is smack dab in the middle of Oak Bluff downtown where it gets busy next to the beach. Further into the country the public library has a good selection of African American culture books. The African American culture festival comes once a year. There’s a Black beach to do – its called Inkwell beach next to the Vineyard Haven ferry terminal at Oak Bluff. Blacks have a lot going on on the Vineyard in the summertime. From Boston. you can take a motor coach bus or drive to one of two departures: Woods Hole or Falmouth, then catch a ferry boat to Martha’s Vineyard. Or you can fly into the airport. Getaway tours and material connects you to what has been passed on from generation to generation by the first Africans in Boston, to the population at-large and to the African American community living here today. Monuments, places, the customs, objects, artistic expressions and more are featured in a variety of tours. You will learn stories left out of school text books. You can go on tours to sites left by Early Africans of the 17th century who co-built Boston into an ancient, economic power that made White men the richest persons in America. You can see and learn from 17th, 18th, and 19th century sites. As Twentieth century Boston grew up, Blacks and their heritage influenced the city’s politics, industries, science, the arts, sports, and more. Twentieth Century African Americans era are following the Early Africans while cutting paths of their own. Our tours, books, souvenirs and online content tells stories of the old, the new and what will be our inevitable futures.

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