He mastered the 5/24 rule imposed in the credit card industry. This is a story about a guy who couldn’t afford to fly with his college friends, so he found a legal path around the obstacle by obtaining 30 credit cards that give back travel points. 

The catch — he applied for the right credit card first!. Experts say get a Chase rewards card and forget all the rest. Once he got the Chase, he applied for cards offered by other companies.  The others can be anybody’s card as long as it gives you back travel points, the expert disclosed.

Money magazine wrote the story because he is one of the best at accumulating credit card points.  He built a website to show others how to do it. The site has thousands of registered users.

The webmaster and his wife flew business-class to Australia to celebrate their fifth anniversary earlier this year—a trip that would normally have cost the couple $20,466. They paid only $343.80 by using points. They  stayed at the Park Hyatt in Sydney and in Melbourne using mostly Chase points, which they earned from 12 separate credit cards.”

To learn more, visit the webmaster’s 10xTravel website   and read this article which appeared in Money magazine.