Dorcas de Blackamore Tour

Despite her enslavement, Dorcas de Blackamore demonstrated immense resilience by learning English and becoming a religious teacher and church leader. Her owners, the Blackmore family, were devout Puritans. Her tenacity and bravery led her to become a community leader, and she eventually inherited a portion of her slave master’s land.

On this tour, visitors will discover her incredible journey, visiting the First Parish Church, where she was baptized and accepted as the first African church member. Gain a deeper understanding of the African American experience and contributions to Boston’s history, and learn about the importance of recognizing the legacy of African leaders like Dorcas de Blackamore. 

Book your tour to experience the power of her Dorcas’story, learn about her bravery, tenacity, and will to survive, and discover the history she left behind.