Lfe Franklin artwork pulls Boston Black enslaved ancestors from the dead.


Ifé Franklin, also local to Boston, will present The Resurrection of Mark, Phillis, & Phebe, a floating indigo cocoon sculpture that offers a place of rest for the spirits of three enslaved ancestors.

Her work quilts together traditional African adire textiles and cosmology to tell a tale of Black diasporic resistance, honoring Mark, Phillis, and Phebe, who lived in colonial Charlestown and died for their freedom after rebelling against their enslaver.

About the Venue

Lot Lab is a new destination for art and community in Boston, Lot Lab will features works by three different artists coupled with performances, workshops, family programs, and more– steps from the Charlestown Navy Yard!

Lot Lab’s second iteration focuses on a theme of Presence, placing three public artworks together that resurrect, reclaim, and transform fraught histories with empathy and imagination.
Join us for a celebration of public art and community with tunes by DJ Mx. Blaire and an artmaking activity!

Honor history, memory, and joy with the sculptural works on display during this celebration. Spend time with pieces by local artists Matthew Okazaki and Ifé Franklin on-site, and venture over to Dry Dock 2 to see a piece by nationally acclaimed artist Hugh Hayden.

New Grand Opening Rain date: June 11, 5:30—7:30 PM