Flight prices listed by most airlines can be found at their lowest in October. You can look ahead using Google Flights, the Hopper predictive pricing app, or an app you are using to shop the numbers. According to the Travel Post newsletter, “Hopper’s report says prices will level off in October, then increase by about two percent in November.”

Travel Post writes “Fall is really the best time to travel, period,” Tracy Stewart, content editor at the travel deal site Airfarewatchdog, said in an email. “Not only are fares lower, but crowds tend to thin out at major attractions, and temperatures are usually somewhere in the Goldilocks range.”

“If you can sneak in after kids go back to school, it’s always a great time to go,” says Rick Seaney, chairman of the airline ticket comparison website FareCompare. “You’re going to get a pretty hefty price break, especially international” tickets, said Travel Post.


Flight bookers are watching the Max 737 grounding with anticipation because when there are fewer planes to sell flights on, prices are impacted.

Boeing pulled all of its Max 737 model planes from use while a troubleshooting investigation about their reliability is ongoing.

When WOWair Failed to Fly

Learned lesson – if you had to purchase a replacement ticket for a flight from a different airline when the airline you have bought roundtrip tickets from ceases operations the day of your flight, you may never be able to recover the cost of the Replacement Ticket.

I filed for relief at CITI Card. I have their “Travel Card.” I read my member benefits and assumed my reimbursement request for the bankrupt airline ticket replacement purchase would be refunded. I wanted the refund for the cancelled flight as well.

No! They said. No, not all of this is covered! The insurance is not liable when a passenger changes a flight, the letter stated. I got the rep on the phone. She was courteous and thorough. “ I did not cancel anything, the airline went out of business,”I explained.

No! Not covered she said. And it was final.

WOWair ( via Expedia ) charged me the whole Roundtrip fare plus seat fees plus luggage costs. But they delivered only half the trip. It was British Airways I had to buy the extra return fare to Boston from at the last minute. And WOW had my money for it.

Citi refunded the airfare paid to WOWair and I appreciate that. But they made me eat the British Airways ticket cost and I lost the baggage and seat fees paid in advance to WOWair.

Hey #CITI #Bank.

You made the wrong decision because the card benefit policy you gave me to read and the reasons you stated for the denial are far apart.

I booked a return flight from London to Boston on WOWAir, the Iceland based airline. Going over was a thrill. I was feeling Iceland culture on the plane and in the shops and grocery stores at KEF airport where it made a stop before continuing to London.

I was really looking forward to the return stop with time in Iceland scheduled. The return flight thru Iceland never happened. At 8 am the morning of ( departure was at 3pm) WOWair sent me an email to say the flight was cancelled and the airline was closed. They were bankrupt. The WOWair website flashed a yellow CEASED OPERATIONS banner. Employees were sent home. No one answered their phone. 100,000+ travelers were stuck without a flight and WOWair was no help.