Black New England

 The Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire works to open hearts and minds for a deeper understanding of who we are as a collective and to recognize that we share a uniquely American heritage. Building on the success of the Portsmouth Black Heritage Trail that started more than two decades ago, the new statewide Black Heritage Trail connects the stories of New Hampshire’s African heritage by documenting and marking visible many of the historic sites that testify to this rich history. 

Updates occur frequently. Follow this article for relevant news from the organization.

The Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire (BHTNH) hosts the Black New England Conference (BNEC) each year.  Information from BNEC 2018 follows below. 

Black New England Conference – it happens every year

Guided tours and public programs, along with educational materials and teacher workshops, will continue to be developed by the Black Heritage Trail to promote awareness of African-American culture and to honor all the people of African descent whose names may not have been included in previous town histories. The Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire provides a variety of learning experiences for adults and children.

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