Plymouth is one of 351 Massachusetts towns and cities, yet it is younger than infamous Plymouth Rock.  Plymouth will be 400 years old next year.

A special November 17th was an intro to things to come. The Illuminate Thanksgiving event was held on the same day as the annual “America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Parade”  at the National Pilgrim Memorial Meetinghouse (formerly First Parish Church). This historic venue is located on Town Square at the top of Leyden Street. Founded in 1620 by the original Pilgrims, it is the oldest church congregation in the United States in continuous operation .source: 

Adding balance to the celebratory moment,  The Mashpee Reservation Reaffirmation Act – is asking Congress to enact the bill. It stop the Trump administration from taking away 321 acres of land from the Mashpee-Wampanoag, the Tribe that helped the pilgrims survive & were present at the 1st Thanksgiving.

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