Black Heritage routes in Northern New England

Boston Bus trips to the Black Heritage Trail Tea Talk Series in Portsmouth NH


It is hard if not nearly impossible to find a living Black person in Metro Boston who is linked to the earliest African ancestors who came here before us in the 1600s. There is no General Society of Black Boston descendants like the General Society of Mayflower of Plymouth, MA. Their membership Membership requires proof of lineage from one of the passengers who traveled to America on the Mayflower in 1620. 

Imagine that! White people know what ship they came over on. Black people from the same era don’t have a clue.

Dorcas de Blackamore from Angola arrived in 1638. Her baptism records are at a church in Dorchester today. But, where are her relatives? Gone, more than likely.

Historian and tour guide Joel Mackal of Reidren group informs us that we would have an easier time finding ancestors connected to a Black Boston native if took a look around Southern Canada, but not in Boston. A friend of AboutBlackBoston Getaways has a relative who served with the famous 54th Regiment commanded by Colonel Robert Gould Shaw. The infantry unit was active in the 1860s.

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BHTNH has a new headquarters building in historic Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire, Inc., (BHTNH) operator of the New England Travel magazine Best Walking Tour in New Hampshire (2018) distinction, has moved into a new headquarters building in Portsmouth, NH. The site was part of the Black Heritage Trail Tour when the organization purchased and restored it. It opened 2019.