When relatives and friends visit you in Boston, what activities are you considering when they want to go out and see something? The tours we offer and the tourist attractions are choices that may interest them. To save time where an admission fee is charged, it will make sense to buy online and skip waiting in long lines at the venues. Here are 50 or more attraction discounted tickets with full descriptions about what the venues and attractions offer.

King Tut exhibit arrives in June 2020

The mayor announced “King Tut: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh,” a new immersive exhibit, is scheduled to open June 13 at the Saunders Castle at Park Plaza.  The show leaves London May 3rd. After the tour ends in Boston it may come off the road.

The show features artifacts found in King Tutankhamen’s tomb, by British archaeologist Howard Carter in 1922 when 5,000 objects were taken and preserved.

Restaurant list of the black-owned

Thirty-Five Black-owned restaurants in Boston MA. Here is a convenient list of reviews and menu links. There’s a new Jamaican restaurant in town.

There is a long list of Black-owned Boston restaurants. Tourists will not have time to visit them all during a one week stay. And Martha’s Vineyard has some. Check out this Jamaica Plain reviewed Jamaican restaurant named “Jamaica Mi Hungry.” You can reach it from the Orange Line on a subway or bus.

Celebrations, Conferences, Festivals

This click downloads our curated Big Black Boston event list PDF. Updates occur frequently and you can take it with you or pass to a friend.

MOTT is the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism.

Art news from the MFA museum of fine art newsletter

In 2020, The MFA beginning in January will open an exhibition highlighting 20th-century art by artists of color from the Americas, curated by teen scholars from local organizations and the MFA’s own Teen Arts Council and STEAM Team. The MFA will celebrate the vitality and energy of 1980s post-graffiti art of New York City with a major exhibition of the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat and his peers—messages that speak eloquently to us today—accompanied by a community mural project led by local artists Rob “Problak” Gibbs and Rob Stull.

Tour state

Massachusetts receives about 20 million visitors a year according to the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism and Boston gets about 50 % of all visitors.

An overwhelming majority of visitors when surveyed, say they come here to visit family. And the average stay is 2.4 days. They are more likely to drive up from a North Atlantic state than ride into town on a plane.

Black lifestyle