We want you to have our list 35 restaurants that are Black-owned, or African-owned in Boston Proper.

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Boston offers everything you need for entertainment and stimulating
intellectual adventures.
There is a whole lot going on!


Global Arts Live presents

Performing the Boston premiere of Black + White 
Friday, October 11, 8PM
Saturday, October 12, 8PM  
Sunday, October 13, 3PM 

The Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA
Global Arts Live: 617.876.4275

Art news from the MFA museum of fine art

a diverse range of artists and highlight untold stories. I invite you to visit “Women Take the Floor,” now on view in our Art of the Americas Wing, and come back in October to see “Ancient Nubia Now” and “Weng Family Collection of Chinese Painting: Family and Friends.”

In 2020, I look forward to sharing with you a number of exhibitions that engage the expertise and viewpoints of our Boston community, beginning in January with an exhibition highlighting 20th-century art by artists of color from the Americas, curated by teen scholars from local organizations and the MFA’s own Teen Arts Council and STEAM Team. Next spring, we will celebrate the vitality and energy of 1980s post-graffiti art of New York City with a major exhibition of the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat and his peers—messages that speak eloquently to us today—accompanied by a community mural project led by local artists Rob “Problak” Gibbs and Rob Stull.

Tour Town

Massachusetts receives about 20 million visitors a year according to the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism and Boston gets about 50 % of all visitors.

An overwhelming majority of visitors when surveyed, say they come here to visit family. And the average stay is 2.4 days. They are more likely to drive up from a North Atlantic state than ride into town on a plane.

Black lifestyle

Blacks have numerous choices for leisure and entertainment and other enriching activities while in town. Universities are gold mines for exploration. The average Bostonian would never consider an outing to Boston University or Harvard research labs to explore topics they don’t come in contact with very often – but a  tourist will go. There are museums and attractions everyone goes to. There is a Black History Trail that coincides with the Freedom Trail, both operated by the National Parks Service.

Boston Black Urban Professionals List of Social Groups and Meetups

There is a lot to offer, so much — all black things to do