Marijuana bud

Cannabis and Medical Marijuana has a role in society. It helps people cope with  medical problems. Cities and towns see a revenue boost from taxes charged on permitted cannabis sales. When we say cannabis we mean marijuana and visa-versa.

There are three distinct plant groups named indica, sativa and hybird. You can tell the difference in the plants by the shape of their leaves and the effects they cause on a person. cannabis leafIndica is good for relaxing with a movie or taking before bed. Sativas are good with physical activity, social gatherings, or  creative projects. A Hybrid plant is a mix of indica-sativa with characteristics influenced by their parent strains.

A lodge hotel named the Laughing Gas Inn in Maine has gone to market with lodging packages that come with cannabis flavored meals and breathing adventures. They saw a burst of advance room reservations activity when the press release about their grand opening went out.

Black travelers to New England are likely to be older than 25 years, so their cannabis use may not make much of a dent in total consumption. Blacks aged 18-25 are 23% more likely to use cannabis than whites in the same age group are according to this study.

Most African American travelers are baby boomers. They are twice the age of the largest number of cannabis users.

Boston hopes to attract a larger number of Black travelers and African American visitors. Boston is steering a non-profit who is funding an expensive public installment of a Martin Luther King, Jr., and Coretta Scott King memorial somewhere in the city.  The Boston Chamber of Commerce began the PaceSetter Initiative to supply local businesses owned by people of color with more orders. Downtown real estate development linkage dollars are scheduled to roll into Black Boston for investments earmarked for improving the neighborhoods.

Nearby, the new Wynn Resorts Casino is scheduled to open in 2019. It will join a new casino in downtown Springfield. Together, the new casino resorts give travelers more things to do and reasons to come to the Boston area when traveling.

When visitors come, they will find plenty of medical marijuana dispensaries and a few ways to buy legal recreational marijuana at retail establishments.  Black businesses are learning how to participate in the cannabis sales industry. Although the state voted overwhelming in favor of retail marijuana, the individual towns and cities have the authority to permit selling it at retail and most of them say no.

New England, save for certain areas of New Hampshire, is like a foreign country for Black people in America. It has traditionally been the last place to think about visiting. Blacks going North have hopped over all the states for Montreal Canada.  Casinos and new cannabis laws passed in New England may becomes influencers that draw black travelers to the region.