Boston City Hall administration

Conde Nast Travelers publication readers just ranked Boston #5 of fifteen of the best cities in the United States. In the city survey, Boston received high marks for art, history, sports, and food. Chicago ranked #1 – surprisingly. Well, that’s great Chicago. We’ll have to visit your great city one day. Click here to read all about the best 15 cities.

But recent stories in  the Boston Globe newspaper highlighted the city’s progress vs perception about how it has handled it racist past. The Globe looked hard for Black middle class evidence in the city.

Here’s a stat.

Where there are more than 15% of the population in a neighborhood that makes at least $75k and holds a college degree, that cluster is considered middle class. The Globe found 510 clusters of white people like this. They found only 4 clusters of Black middle class in the city.  Three thousand people have various opinions about it.

A white woman with a black husband and multi-racial child asked “where to look for an integrated, arts and cultural rich community” when she moves the family to Boston.

Over 100 people gave strong recommendations for various neighborhoods naming Newton, Milton, Somerville, Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, Waltham, Rosindale, and Hyde Park as good neighborhoods for interracial families.

Read Boston Discusses Race to feel out the community.

The award winning Boston Globe Spotlight investigative news writing team spent months talking to Bostonians and comparing statistics of Boston to other cities of similar size. Its a great report.