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The antiracist institute at Boston University passes audit with flying colors.

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Will racism ever go away in America? Who can fix it? Do you feel an impact from the work coming from people holding DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) job titles? AboutBlackBoston.org believes when the household or the family tree is diverse, then racism will be hard to practice between those family members. We have seen what some families do when a member loves and marries a person on the other side of color. Very few families act up when it happens. We believe mixed ethnic group families offer best solution for solving the racism problem

Now the mission of the Center for Antiracism Research at Boston University is to study and solve for any racism in influential institutions. This mission is a MoonShot idea. When an inquiry was ordered to investigate its practices, the center was cleared of any wrong doing when raising millions of dollars of funds and firing half of its working staff. Beginning in July of 2020, during the height of national Black Lives Matter and Defund the Police movement protests and marches,


The Center for Antiracism Research laid off half its staff members in a dramatic move to shake how it operates at Boston University. The center’s success raising $55 million in funding within three years after it opened is notable. Few anti-racism projects have done that.

Boston University ( BU ) recruited a star author and scholar who brought the antiracist project to town.

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The new leader said he views the novel organization like it is a high-growth Boston-based startup. There are growing pains he said when questioned about letting go half his staff. We are all working virtually, he said,

Boston University administrators waited three years to weigh in on the center’s operation before launching an inquiry into the center cash flow and staffing.

The head of the center is Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, a Black man and best selling author. Sales of his book “How to be an Antiracist,” increased by 6,800% during the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. George Floyd died May 25th, 2020.

Dr. Kendi and Boston University opened the Center for Antiracist Research on July 1, 2020.

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In the heat of Summer 2020, books by Black authors were flying off the bookshelves. American Whites showed a heightened interest in Black Americans and Black issues. Dr. Kendi’s book benefited in sales. White Americans who cared wanted to know the issues. Barnes and Nobles carefully placed Black books on point-of-puchase displays where everyone could see. They were pulled of the Black Studies bookshelf.

When BU brought Dr. KendiFlorida A&M to head up the center was hailed as a major faculty hire.

His book “How to be an Antiracist,” influenced the new Center for Antiracist Research. Hailed as a major faculty hire, Dr. Kendi is a leading scholar and historian of racism. He began to build it as a premier research center for solving the racial problems of our time, he told the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education.

Kendi was the youngest person to win a National Book Award in a nonfiction category. The graduate of Florida A&M University had earned his Ph.D. in African studies at Philadelphia’s Temple University.

At FAMU, he majored in journalism and African American studies. The school is a public, historically Black university located in Tallahassee, Florida. It’s distinctive brand is its legacy of providing access to a high-quality, affordable education with programs and services that guide students toward successfully achieving their dreams.

Boston University graduates enrolled 1,500 African American / Black students in 2022, compared to the enrollment of 13,000 White students. This is not unusual with Boston private institutions of higher learning. The students have Black social organizations on campus.

Three thousand people follow a website on Instagram titled UMOJA made for the Boston University Black Student Union.