Points you get traveling airlines you signed up with may reset in January. The month is a good time to consider all the ways a points plan could benefit you going forward when you travel a lot. If you pushed all your trips through one airline points will accrue sooner than you think.

There is a service named Lola Travel I recommend to you.  Lola is a human operator help agent that works with travelers. You use a smartphone app to start the conversation. A Lola agent will find flight rates that match your budget and schedule, figure out hotel accommodations, perform more logistical planning than you think anyone will do for you, and book everything as you need. The Lola person you get may know something about where you are going.  Their insider information is priceless.

Loyalty programs hotels are expanding. You may find that the hotel you prefer has a bigger footprint that covers more locations. You’ll get more bang from your hotel loyalty points plan with a chain that added more locations.

Another way to save money and time is to consider using a new travel agency online named FREEBIRD. The company guarantees your cancelled or delayed flight will get booked again without any charge or hassle to you once you let them know there was a cancellation or a major delay greater than a threshold. The Freebird (getfreebird.com) service sells for $19 per ticket purchase.

Well, I hope these few tips have been helpful. This New York Times article titled Eight Ways to Save on Travel dated January 3rd  2016 will give you more useful suggestions.