Rear of the restored 54th Regiment

The start line is directly across the street from the golden domed Massachusetts Capitol Building where state representatives and legislators make the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Oh, did I tell you they’ve been working from home this year, while the front liners in the tourism business who do guidance, food prep, driving and ticketing have been showing up for work every day, The capital building is also a tourist attraction, but it was shut down by Covid-19, as was the Bunker Hill Monument.

NPS is the National Park Service Ranger team offers FREE Boston Black Heritage Trail Tours ( Beacon Hill 18th century version)

  • Black Heritage Trail®
    • NPS Guided tours of the Black Heritage Trail®. Tours have resumed to a Wednesday – Sunday schedule, 10am – 11:30am. Reservations are required through Eventbrite. For groups over five people, please reach out at or 617-742-5415.

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There are many other Black sites to tour around Greater Boston. Boston has more than one Black Heritage Trail, but this is where the private tour guides come in for they have created a set of unique tours that are not found anywhere else. For most people, the NPS Black Heritage Trail tour will be all you need. Its a 3-hour walking, educational experience and theirs the Museum of African American History there sitting smack dab in the middle of the route.