The shallow mention on the City of Greenboro North Carolina’s web site of the actions black students from AT&T University endured when they sat down for a bite to eat at the Woolworth’s department store in downtown Greenboro, is surely missed.

But at the University of Greensboro there is a substantial volume of material.Today, Greensboro is considered the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement. UNC-G produced Civil Rights Greensboro to provide access to archival resources documenting the modern civil rights era in Greensboro, North Carolina. As of July, 2014, all the oral histories and many of the other documents in Civil Rights Greensboro are now keyword searchable.
view the Civil Rights Greenboro web site for more.

The photograph below was taken by my disposable digital camera when visiting Greensboro with my mom in 2002. She graduated high school in the 1940s and attended North Carolina AT&T University for two years. We visited the campus and she said it looked sorta like it did 50 years ago.

Greenboro North Carolina Civil Rights birthplace