Massachusetts tourism opens up in July. Flocks are booking the Cape.

The Massachusetts re-opening plan

Take my advice if you are going to Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket this year.First, listen to Black Martha’s Vineyard voices speaking on Facebook in the THE INKWELL GROUP ( link ). The gossip is priceless. Covid-19 hit island business as hard as it kicked everybody else.

A day trip to the island may be the way to test it. I don’t think it will be as crowded as it usually is. We have seen people cancel all 2020 plans for next year, but nevertheless there will be an unmistakable tourism buzz when you get there this summar.


The Pent-up Demand for Cape Cod resorts is peaking. People, tired of stay-at-home orders have been booking the rooms heavily. An innkeeper was quoted by the Boston Business Journal saying “we are coming off our third straight record week of reservations,”“The phones have never been so busy because it’s a consolidated season. Everyone is booking for next 7-10 days now, where historically that would have been booked months ago.”

Massachusetts Business Re-opening Schedule

The state Phase 3 guideline allows a lot of businesses to open up. Boston does Phase 3 a week later.

Some Boston tourism activities can open July 4th. The rest have to wait until Phase 4 near the end of July, as long as coronavirus infections continue to trend down.

Tourism activities will re-open in Massachusetts in Phase 4. See the illustrated chart for more details.