25 far reaching attractive destinations around the world curated by Black Travel Noire


That’s our Gullah Gullah tour guide buddy in the photo, standing by his van in Charleston, S. C. I didn’t need Black Travel Noire to tell me about it. My daughter knows Charleston like the back of her hand and she brought me to it.

He does an interesting tour. He told us that Charleston licenses all tour guides. They take tests and have to learn the “traditional tours.”

My friend’s tours are different. His is all-black, too much some say. He connects the Gullah and Africa to the African American. He points out the house whites in Charleston refused to let Oprah Winfrey purchase. he shows you the stones in front of the beautiful harborside houses where South Carolina slaves masters sold their slaves from every morning. The stones are still there in front of a lot of houses. Most tour guides have no clue that’s what they are there for. Charleston has mansions. Their doors are adorned with seals, emblems and symbols. The Gullah Gullah guide said, “stay away from those houses.” He was having a Black Illuminati moment. haha!

That tour goes like that. Some say it is too black, some say its “not real Charleston” and he has gotten into trouble from the licensing agency who receives complaints from tourists about the subjects’ blackness, but we think his tour covers the best of both white and black worlds. He takes you into the hood of Charleston, S.C. The other tour vans won’t go near it.


Black Travel Noire members have produced 25 custom travel guides ( $$ ) to destinations in Africa, Cuba, Jamaica, and other dreamy getaway places. So we’re putting in a shameless plug for them because the covers are so cute and perhaps no other black travel club knows as much about world travel as their collective souls.

The Blavity Travel Noire travel guides promise to save you 40 hours of research time. They insist EVERYthing you need to know about the destinations from the best AirBnBs to things to do when you get there and cautions you need to be aware of are in there.