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Black travelers are finding business retreats seductive.

photo from SKIFT.COM blog

Black travelers pack mindfulness and other cool activities into business retreats they are taking. The big fist in the photo is from Detroit, but New Englanders won’t have to go that far to retreat. We have destinations less than two hours away from Boston that serve professionals. You need a break from the everyday stresses of business life. Even when you work for non-profit, schools, and non-commercial settings you need to take a break and get away. This writer didn’t get it at first. I skipped taking day trip vacations for years, which I now regret it.

You can do organized or open ended retreat camps where all your needs will be taken care of, even if its just for one overnight stay.

Retreats are safe places for black professionals says Sarah Enelow, a writer for Skift, a prominent industry trade publisher.

She recounted how a fireside discussion could easily wander from an afternoon open-air dance class to the leadership seminar and the struggles that black professionals face at work in America.
Black people spend $48 billion a year on travel. Across the nation, these retreats are often less than two hours away from the inner city.

Our web site offers a SERIES OF BLACK TRAVEL DAY TRIPS to these cool New England destinations you may like. 

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