Boston tourism trolley ride business start operating again July 15. Roxbury Trolley is accepting inquiries. Tour bus operators closed in March. Some will be putting buses back online now that the Phase Three re-opening period began.

The Museum of African American History on Beacon Hill opens July 27th. You can start walking the Boston Black Heritage Trail at Park Street and Tremont where the State Capitol building faces the Robert Gould Shaw 54th Regiment Memorial Monument. There are 14 documented historical sites built by 17th century Black Bostonians there. They now are homes people live in and have been preserved.

Information about Roxbury Trolley. Things to see in Roxbury, the heart of African American culture in Greater Boston includes the Roxbury Cultural District with its fish market, sub shops, library, book store, Black Market performance space, street art, the Malcolm X home (where he lived with a sister), Twelfth Baptist Church were Dr,. Martin Luther King worked while attending Boston University. You can see the Franklin Park Children’s Zoo and Golf Club House within an expansive Olmstead designed green vista located near the National Center Museum of Afro-American Artists. Roxbury has Nubian Square (the former Dudley Square block), Lower Roxbury artwork on buildings, contemporary and historic Black-owned restaurants and live jazz outlets, and Black barbershops and salons for Black women,

photo of the Ghost & Gravestones burial ground trolley tour

this commercial tour covers ancient colonial Boston burial grounds and stories about deceased Democracy founders..
seen at Park street