Holiday Inn Portsmouth

Target Portmouth,  New Hampshire
There’s a 300-year old burying ground for African and African- descended people underneath a City street in the City of Portsmouth

While planning a trip,  I bought two $50 hotel discount gift cards from Verizon Rewards, the online promotional section behind the VerizonWireless member payment portal. The card web site gives you a list of hotels where you are going that will honor the discount. I dialed in Portland, Maine and several hotels were listed. I dialed in Portsmouth, NH and just one was listed. It was a Holiday Inn within walking distance of downtown Portsmouth. I chose Portsmouth.

The cost of a hotel room is $179/night per Friday to Saturday in August for the Holiday Inn at  300 Woodbury Avenue with a rating of 8.0 out of 10. sells the same package for $220. it for  $257
TripAdvisor sells it for     $250
Expedia –
Trivago –

Apparently, the Verizon Wireless Hotel Gift Card saves money, despite its limited hotel selection !!  A minimum two-day stay is required.

You must pay with a major credit card when you book it at The promotional value never expires until use. I do not know if you can use more than one discount cards when booking.