BIG HEAD statue NCAAAvideo

NCAAA Museum of the National Center for Afro-American Artists – Boston

NCAAA museum is the National Center for Afro-American Artists

The Alexandria Virginia waterfront city is a desirable address for D.C. influencers.

Located just 5 miles away from the center of Washington, D.C, .  The City of Alexandria Virginia can boast truthfully about its support for seven museums including the Alexandria African American Heritage Park and...

Newport mansion video drive by tour

Tour Newport mansions built by slaves when there was no income tax and rich barons spent lavishly on majestic houses that  stand today.

Baltimore highlights African American heritage

In Baltimore with its Black Mayor running City Hall and a Black at the helm of Visit Baltimore, their official travel destination organization for tourism development, we  expected to see a lot of Blackness...

Tips for the penny pinching traveler.

Points you get traveling airlines you signed up with may reset in January. The month is a good time to consider all the ways a points plan could benefit you going forward when you...
Roxbury mural paintings

There are a lot more African American Heritage sites in Boston + NE than...

The full moon shines bright like a diamond on African American history stories on our planet.

Newport Rhode Island Winter Wonderland sketches

How Newport does Christmas as a resort destination for tourists.

First African Landing Boston Events

First African Landing events recap
John Adams tour site

Visitor’s Center rolls trolley tour car out into Quincy’s dense cultural history.

The Quincy Visitor's Center operated by the  federal National Parks service is located at the base of Quincy Community College and faces the Starbucks on Hancock street. City Hall is a block away and...
Portland Maine Visitors

Portland Maine preserves the African-built Abyssinian church on the Black Heritage Trail, Portland.

A Black Heritage Trail in Portland Maine sits an old 17th century church built by Early Africans.